Quotes On Viagra By Famous Personalities

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Democracy in China is like Viagra; no such thing as free elections. by George Montgomery

I am not overlooking any mail. I’m looking at all of it. I even wrote back to the Viagra people. by Randy Newman

I only take Viagra when I’m with more than one woman. by Jack Nicholson

I’m taking Viagra and drinking prune juice – I don’t know if I’m coming or going. by Rodney Dangerfield

More coming out about Saddam Hussein. We now know he takes Viagra and he has as many as six mistresses. No wonder Congress is reluctant to take action against this guy – he’s one of their own. by Jay Leno

The Internet is the Viagra of big business. by Jack Welch

There’s no magazine you open, unless its AARP, that shows a woman over the age of 45 in any other light, other than having to buy Depends or Viagra. by Doris Roberts

A new viagra virus is going round the Internet. It doesn’t affect your hard drive, but you can’t minimize anything for hours. by Joan Rivers

I am a sexual machine now. Raring to go every second of the day. I’m human Viagra. I am Will-agra. by Will Smith (quoted in Premiere Magazine, 2001)

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