Privacy policy

This information site offers great privacy to our readers. We value it a lot. When you post a comment or a review your email address would not be revealed. You would be offering us with certain personal information like Phone number, name and email address. We have a separate team who would protect all these details and store it in a secure server.

The details that are present in the server would be encrypted and it would be difficult for the intruders to access it. You should know that giving proper information is very much important. This websiteis not supposed to collect any information about the user whose age is less than 18 years. However, without knowing it we might collect it and get it saved in our server.

In this case, you can raise the ticket and tell us about what had happened. By doing so, we would immediately delete the information of them.

When you visit our website we would not only collect personal information but also the non-personal details. This happens when you use the site. We collect the non-personal facts in the arrangement of cookies. By doing this, it is possible for us to judge about your needs and interests. When it occurs the relevant topics would be popped up. The non-personal dataisutilized only to provide better search results and nothing more than that. However, if you do not wish us collecting cookies then you can disable this option by doing certain changes in your settings.