Viagra – Common Questions

What are the dosage strengths available for Viagra medication?

The drug is available in three different doses like 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. these are the drug doses available in brand ones. If you are taking generic medication then you would come across various drug doses in the market.

What will happen when Viagra is consumed by women?

Viagra is definitely not for women to treat their sexual issues. If you are a woman and takes the medication then you should know that there will be an increase in the blood flow to your head. If this occurs you would suffer from nausea, vomiting and various other side effects.

Is it safe to buy Viagra online?

Yes, it is definitely safe for you to buy Viagra online. This is true only if you are choosing the legitimate online pharmacy. There are many counterfeit online pharmacies available and choosing them would put your health in to trouble.

Is prescription  forViagra must?

Viagra is a prescription only medication hence getting a medical script is a must. When you do not have a prescription then you are supposed to consult with the doctor and get one. Those who do not have one should not take this medication at all.

Can you buy Viagra from mail orderpharmacies that trade without Rx?

Viagra should be consumed only if you have a prescription for it. This process is only legal. However if you come across any mail order pharmacies that are ready to sell Viagra without prescription then you have to be careful. There is a high chance that the chosen one is a counterfeit mail order pharmacy.

Which online pharmacy is the best to be chosen?

The best online pharmacy is the one that is offering the needs according to your expectation. However, before choosing them you are supposed to check the VIPPS seal on the bottom of the page. You should also check the license number that is present in the website. These are the clues for the people that the online pharmacy is a legitimate one and it can be chosen.

How to store Viagra medication properly?

Storing of Viagra medication is really very important without it you might decrease the effectiveness of the drug. Keep the drug in a place that has less moisture, heat and light. Keep the Viagra tablets in the blister pack only. Choose a private place to keep the medication so that it would be out of reach of children.

What happens when you do not take the right drug dose?

Only when you take the right drug dose it is possible for you to get a proper erection. The doctor would ensure that you get the right amount of the medication in your body. When you take the less amount of drug dose then the erection might fade away very quickly. If you are going to take the higher drug dose than what is required then you would suffer from side effects.

Is overdosing Viagra possible?

Yes, Viagra overdosing is possible. If you are taking the drug dose more than what is required by the body then you would suffer from drug overdose. In case of this condition you are supposed to contact the healthcare professional immediately.

Can an older patient consume Viagra medication?

Yes, if you are an elderly patient you can definitely take this ED medication. This is true only if you consult with the healthcare professional. However you have to be very careful during the course of therapy.

How long can you take Viagra pills?

You can take Viagra for a longer span of time and there are no issues. It is true that you would not need Viagra in daily basis. Since this is the condition, there will be no harm in taking the drug once in a while.

When should you take Viagra medication?

You can take the tablet prior indulging in the sexual activity. You can take it twenty to thirty minutes prior to it. You cannot expect it to offer the effects immediately hence you have to give it some time to start its work.

Can you consume alcohol during the course of therapy?

No, the intake of alcohol during the course of therapy is strictly prohibited. The alcohol might interact with the medication and would cause severe effects on the body.

What should you do if your pet mistakenly took Viagra pills?

You have to keep the pills in a safe place provided there are children or pets at your home. In case your pet had mistakenly consumed the tablet then you should take it immediately to the Veterinarian.

Can you smoke while taking Viagra pills?

Smoking cigarettes or any weed while taking Viagra medication is not recommended. When there is a presence of nicotine in the body it might trigger various side effects.

What should you do if the Viagra drug dose is not as effective as before?

This situation is possible only if you have taken the medication for a longer period of time. Over a period of time there is a chance that your body would get used to the working mechanism of the drug. In this phase, you are supposed to inform about this to your physician. They might instruct you to stop taking the pills for a shorter span. This break is definitely a must for your body to get its tolerance back. So when you again start taking the pills you would receive the effectiveness like before.

Is Viagra drug interactions likely to happen?

Yes, Viagra might interact with various other drugs that are available in the market. To avoid yourself from this situation you are expected to discuss about the medication that you are consuming to the medical specialist. They would guide you on how to take Viagra medication safely.

Can you take Viagra along with other ED medications?

If you are taking Viagra then you are supposed to stick to it. The person should never combine Viagra with other ED drugs. So, if you want to try other ED drugs then you have to do it separately and not together at any cost.

When should you double the Viagra drug dose?

You are not supposed to double the Viagra drug dose. However, this is accepted provided your medical specialist has instructed to do so. Judging your health condition and self-treating is not recommended.

Can you share themedication with others?

You are not supposed to share Viagra medication with other people. It can be a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction and the symptoms would be similar to that of yours. Even in this situation you should not offer your pills to them.

Is it not an issue if you use Viagra even if you do not have permanent ED?

Take Viagra with the help of your doctor. This medication is only for people who are suffering from permanent impotency. If your erections do not happen once in a while there is no need for you to take the pills. It is strictly a No if you are taking Viagra to increase the sexual performance and not for treating the medical condition.

What is the success rate of Viagra medication?

The success rate of drug is very much high. It is known that 75% of the people who take it can get a successful erection compared with other medications in the market.