Educate Yourself On How To Get Viagra and Treat Erectile Dysfunction Effectively

Viagra PillViagra is one of the most popular Erectile Dysfunction drug in the world which is also the most controversial and highest selling pill in last thirty years. It is also commonly known as a blue drug among men.

Many men around the world are suffering from self-consciousness and pity when it comes to the size or performance of their sex life. For them, being a man can be measured through the pleasure he can give to his partner during intercourse. But if these factors have been a big deal to them, then, Viagra is the pill that comes as a savior. 

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is that a man would lose his ability to get and maintain an erection.  The flow of the blood to the penile region would be very low thus causing impotency. It might be due to the psychological or physical issue. The condition is categorized as temporary and permanent. The best solution which is there now to treat this medical condition is Viagra medication.

Why are men searching to get Viagra?

viagra pillsSexual performance is very much important for a man. When he struggles to perform during the sexual activity he would search for various ways to get rid of the issues. One such popular method that men follow is taking Viagra medication.

Viagra drug has helped millions of men to get their erections back. Though taking it is not a cure it can help men to achieve and maintain an erection when he is sexually stimulated.

The active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate is that which makes it happen. This pill has bagged a good name among people so this is the reason why men go behind this drug.

Unfortunately, sexual issues are still a taboo and most of them hesitate to get treated. Few try to get Viagra without prescription as they do not want to speak to their doctor about the issue.

How does getting Viagra treat erectile dysfunction?

Viagra for edA Viagra tablet has to be taken thirty to sixty minutes prior to sexual activity. This is the time that should be given to the medication to start working. Once the person gets sexually aroused, the blood vessels around the genital warts get relaxed.

There will be a sudden increase in the flow of blood. Only when the blood flows gets increased in the penis, an erection would occur.

The specialty of this drug is that the erection would be maintained throughout the sexual intercourse and it would not fall off in-between. Once you take the medication the effectiveness in the body would stay for four to five hours. Within this period, a person can engage in the sexual activity many times.

You should not consume heavy meals while taking Viagra as it would delay the medication from working.

Dosage information

If you are older than age 65 or have serious liver or kidney problems, your doctor may start you at the lowest dose (25 mg) of VIAGRA. If you are taking protease inhibitors, such as for the treatment of HIV, your doctor may recommend a 25 mg dose and may limit you to a maximum single dose of 25 mg of VIAGRA in a 48-hour period.

Side effects

Viagra would cause severe side effects in the body. Some of them are irregular heart rate, swelling in the hands or feet, ringing in the ears, light headed feeling, abnormal vision, and dizziness. When any of the negative effects occur in you for a longer period of time then get medical help quickly without delay.

Safety Info

Do not take VIAGRA if you take nitrates, often prescribed for chest pain, as this may cause a sudden, unsafe drop in blood pressure. Discuss your general health status with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to engage in sexual activity. If you experience chest pain, nausea, or any other discomforts during sex, seek immediate medical help.

Comparing Viagra with Cialis and Levitra

Comparing Viagra with Cialis and LevitraAll these ED drugs belong to PDE5 inhibitor group. It was the first medication to be introduced into the market. Only after this Cialis and Levitra is introduced. Compared to other drugs, Viagra is the only drug that the researchers did more clinical trials.

Even though all these three drugs have different active ingredients, they have the same working procedure for impotence condition. Every medication that is mentioned here is very effective. If you still have concerns, people can also choose to get viagra free samples to give it a try and if they are satisfied they can go for the pill.

Can I really Get Viagra without seeing a doctor?

No, you are not supposed to get Viagra without a prescription. This drug might not be suitable for all patients. Some might get allergic reactions while taking the medicine whereas few heart patients should not take it.

So, it is better to consult with the doctor before taking it for the treatment. Do not go for Viagra without prescription at any situation.


Tell Your Husband Its Viagra Time

Educate Yourself First

Going into your conversation with your partner about Viagra armed with as much information as possible is the best approach. Take some time and gather as many facts about the drug and its side effects as possible. Statistics about the number of men who are taking the medication for similar problems may also be helpful. Both the Internet and your family doctor can provide you with the necessary information to approach your spouse about trying the pill. Once you have all the important information about Viagra together, you are ready to move on.

Choose Your Timing Wisely

Timing can be everything when it comes to talking to your spouse about Viagra. Immediately after a failed attempt at sex might not be the best time to bring up your husband’s need for the medication. Instead, wait until he is relaxed and happy, and be sure there are no distractions so that you can properly communicate the information he needs to make the decision. If you are aware of his mood and attitude before bringing up the subject of Viagra, you are much more likely to be successful.

Be Careful With His Ego

With most men, a straightforward, but the gentle approach will work best. Simply telling him that he needs Viagra and dropping a pamphlet in his lap will do more harm than good. Make sure that you feed his ego with comments about how much you enjoy your intimacy and how you think that Viagra will help to make things better for you both. Knowing that you understand and know that the problem is not his fault will help him to receive the idea of trying the pill.

Share Everything You Have Learned

Make sure that your partner is well informed about Viagra and knows all about the positives and negatives. If he understands how the medicine works and what it can do to help him, he will be more likely to give it a try. Also, sharing the possible side effects and interactions is very important, as once he starts on the pill, he will need to know what to look for. Though it is a generally safe medication, there are a lot of warnings and side effects that all users should be aware of. No one should decide to try Viagra without being fully informed.

Make The Appointment Together

If your husband still seems a little apprehensive about trying Viagra, offer to join him when he goes to speak with the doctor. This will not only give him the moral support he needs, but you also will have the chance to get information on the medicine that you may have missed. Help him to gather any information that the doctor may need, such as medical history information and lists of medicines. You may want to call and schedule the appointment yourself if he seems a bit embarrassed about asking for an appointment to talk about the medicine.